Here’s to the Crazy One:

Why Lieutenant Dan Bought Apple Stock


This article is a true account, a personal experience, and safari into the strange, mystical attraction that the Apple-byte logo holds for millions of people around the world. It examines why a computer company has half-crazed fanatics and the core reasons why Apple has survived and why it won’t go away.  It begins to explore the symbolism and meaning of the company in the American experience, culture, and psychie-- and how Apple’s maverick entrepreneurial spirit is so symbolic in America’s struggle against those who wish to destroy that uniquely American contribution to the world—the celebration of the individual.  And…it tries explain through experiences of one individual, a little of why millions of people around the world grieved Steve Jobs’ passing. 1

Man, What the hell happened…?  Grieving something with a P/E ratio?

        July 27, 2001 was my last day at Apple Computer, Inc. I surrendered my badge, the McLuhan totem icon that made me a member of the clan and passed me through all the entrance doors of the six building campus at One Infinite Loop, Cupertino, California, 24/7 (McLuhan 1970).  Even if I somehow got back inside to the inner lawn now, I couldn’t get back out. The Umpa Lumpas would get me. Badge-less, I was now a… a… a what? What was I now and why was this nameless thing I’d suddenly become so disturbing to me?  Why were my eyelids getting misty? 

        “Whoa!” I said to myself,  “Apple Computer is a business, a corporation with investors, a market cap, and a human resources department just like a thousand other corporations.  You grieve people!  Apple Computer Incorporated can’t laugh or cry.  It doesn’t have feelings!   Besides, isn’t this the age of employee empowerment, where workers possess for the first time in history what Peter Drucker calls, the very means of production--knowledge and information; and


1.  Headings in this article are lines from Smash Mouth’s 1997 hit song, Walking on the Sun. 

     Steve Jobs came back to Apple, October, 1997.

© 2011 by Michael J. Johnson

Steve Jobs IS STILL The Heart and Soul of Apple Computer… that lives on in all of us who use Apple Products and especially for everyone who works there or has worked there. His passion and drive lives on in all of us who love the elegance, dependability, and especially the beauty of Apple’s products and services.  STEVE built it into the very DNA of the Company and everyone who has had the great good fortune  – to have worked there.

   by Michael J. Johnson, Ph.D.


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